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Slot Machine Myths

There a many myths surrounding the slot machine, and unless you're the exception you've probably heard most of them floating over the casino floor at one time or another. Like a bad cold, these myths have a way of hanging around and passing themselves off to those poor souls who choose to sit near the infected one. Here to sterilize your brain a little is our little slot machine myth dispeller:

Don't play that machine, it's not in a pay cycle
As sad as it may be, there is no such thing as a pay cycle on slot machines. Don't feel bad though, there's no such thing as a take cycle either.

Don't play that machine, it just hit a jackpot so wont hit one again for a while
CLICK HERE TO START PLAYING FOR FREE But if the machine doesn't know it just hit a jackpot (and trust me, it doesn't have a clue), then how could it affect the next spin? Hitting a jackpot payline on a slot machine is a random event that is determined at the exact time that you spin the reels. It doesn't care about what's happened in the past. A jackpot is just as likely on the first spin after a slot machine has paid out as it is on the millionth spin.

The best machines are on the isles and near the entryways
While this may have been true a while ago in Vegas, it's not the norm these days. Some kind people have been decent enough to do systematic record keeping of their slots play in accordance to room location, and have found no evidence to suggest loose slots are placed in any reliable or predictable locations.

I just left my slot machine, then the next person at it won the jackpot. That would have been mine!
No, chances are it wouldn't have been yours. Randomness doesn't mean a jackpot is hit after a random number of spins, it means that as the reels are spun a group of random numbers is drawn from the random number generator. This means that the microsecond that you pull the arm or hit the button is what determines a jackpot. If the numbers drawn in that microsecond map out to a jackpot payline, you win. So had you stayed at the same machine and spun the wheels at the * exact * instant the other fellow did, then you would have won. But like I said, chances of that are extremely slim, we're talking microseconds here.

Using a slots club card will lower my chances of hitting it big
This is simply not true and I'm not quite sure why anyone would start a myth like this. The casinos want to have people play slots all the time, that's why they invented the slots club in the first place. A player who plays a lot and wins big is very likely to continue to play a lot, and the casino knows this, so they wouldn't limit these players chances a bit. Besides the illogical basis, this myth is ugly in another way. By not using your slot club you're effectively cheating yourself. A slot club card will help you earn on your play, sometimes contributing as much as five percent of your play, which can make the difference between a draining slot session and a profitable one.

If you have any questions, or if you'd like to find out if your slot machine tips are fact or myth, and we'll take a look.

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