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Part and parcel of what we do here at slot-game.net is the work you don't want to do. We've scoured the web for slot downloads worth spending your bandwidth on. To help cut down on your wasted time, we've grouped the best of the web together on this page. If you have or know of a slot game that is fun, well programmed, and attractive, drop us a line and we'll see if it should be included in the slot downloads. Do not include any e-mail attachments or your mail will be promptly deleted without being read.

Slot-Game 1.0 | 0.8MB (Click Here)
CLICK HERE TO START PLAYING FOR FREEPublisher: Slot-Game.Net | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows (All)
Uninstaller included?: Doesn't need one
Description It's our own game, developed by our own in-house team, its free, it's fun and you've got to cop it first because its at the top of the list. Since it's ours, we rate it highly and we suggest you get it first - then explore the others :-). There is no money to be won from this, so it's all for free, honest-to-goodness fun.
Screen shot available (Click Here)

$1M Jackpot Slots 2.0 | 3.2MB (Click Here)
Publisher: Gamescape Studios | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Pentium-160, Windows 95/98/NT/2000, 32MB RAM, DirectX Drivers
Uninstaller included?: Yes
Description (From the developer): "$1M Jackpot Slots is a classic vegas slot game simulator with lush and realistic rendered graphics. Bet 1,2 or 3 coins per spin. Collect the dice symbols and take your chance with the Snakes and Ladders challenge. Use Holds and Nudges to maximize your winnings! Who knows, you could even win the jackpot and become a virtual millionaire!" Note: The full version of the software is $9.95 and incorporates Dialware. Dialware gives users the additional option of paying for the software through their phone bill, so that they do not need to supply any personal details or credit card information.
Screen shot available (Click Here)

3D Proslots 3.01 | 2MB (Click Here)
Publisher: Ultisoft | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows 3.x
Description: 3D Proslots is a real-time slot machine simulator that lets you gamble your virtual cash in a variety of different ways. The reels are animated with fast graphics, and the game is alive with classic slot sounds. Play 3D Proslots and bring the excitement of casino gaming right to your personal computer. This new version features enhanced speed.

3D Stars & Stripes 3.01 | 3.1MB (Click Here)
Publisher: Gamescape | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows 3.x/NT, sound card
Description: 3D Stars & Stripes is an example of feature-heavy, one-armed bandit slot downloads. In addition to the 3D fireworks and sounds of Las Vegas, this version has a unique "wheel of fortune" mini game. Play "Chase the Ace," "On a Roll," "Smash or Grab," and more. The updated version features new music and a smaller download size.

777 Slots 2.0 | 942.5K (Click Here)
Publisher: Ultisoft | License: Demo
Minimum requirements: Windows (all)
Description: Do you like video slot machines? Do you like blackjack? How about a chance at a huge progressive pot? Do you love free slot downloads? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then 777 Slots is the video slot machine for you. 777 Slots is a simulation of a three-wheel, five-payline slot machine. 777 Slots is packed with features, including a "progressive pot," "free spins," and in the full version, a bonus "let it ride," blackjack game for turning meager winnings into fortunes. With so many ways to win, you can't go wrong.
Extra features in full version: The fun doesn't have to stop after 50 spins, because when you order the full version, you get unlimited plays. The full version is really two games in one, the slot game and the bonus blackjack game that lets you double your earnings. No more continuous mouse-clicking when you upgrade to the full version with the "automatic spin" feature. Want to add your own personality to the game, because with the full version you can customize your own WAV files. This shareware version offers a limited number of spins per game. Registration costs $20.
Screenshot available (Click Here)

Cherry Fever Slots 3.00s | 468K (Click Here)
Publisher: Lampron Software | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98
Description: Cherry Fever is a classic three-barrel, one-arm slot bandit. It features a colorful graphical interface in which you insert the coins, pull the arm, and watch your winnings drop into the tray. Realistic sound effects accompany all the action. Test your luck on $1 to $100 machines, betting one to three coins per spin.

Desire Slot Machine 1.1 | 703.1K (Click Here)
Publisher: Dennis Vink | License: Free
Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/NT
Description: From the developer: "DESiRE is a full featured slot machine. Many options are there to make gambling fun. The game is the final beta version. Download it for free."
Screenshot available (Click Here)

Dino Slot 1.04 | 126.2K (Click Here)
Publisher: BFM Software | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows 3.x/95
Description: The Dino Slot Dinosaur Slot Machine has the complete look and feel of a real, but slow, slot machine. This is a great game for kids. It includes complete digital sound effects and great graphics, and there are payoff and wheel editors that allow you to change the odds of payoffs.
Screenshot available (Click Here)

Las Vegas Slots (Pro) 3.0 | 550K (Click Here)
Publisher: Hirtle Software | License: Shareware
Minimum requirements: Windows 3.x, Visual Basic 3.0 runtime module
Description (From the developer): "This dazzling 9-wheel slot machine has an increasing jackpot with fantastic graphics and many sound effects to make you feel like you are in Vegas. Includes advanced functionality to buy spins and cash-in winnings. Provides up to 8 chances to win. For Windows 3.xx/95/98 or NT4+ (16-bit)." Note: Registration is $19.95.

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